Map. History of US protests conflict

21 September 2017
At 5 at least 1 of 3 suspects arrested in GA Tech campus protest is a Tech student. All 3 go to court this morning. -fox5atl
Berkeley police are investigating report of assault during Shapiro protests
Police: Maryland man lit himself on fire in Queen Anne's County
Three congressmen are arrested for protesting over immigration outside Trump Tower
Rep. Raul Grijalva arrested at DACA protest at Trump Tower in NYC
Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva was taken into custody in front of Trump Tower for civil disobedience along with Rep. Gutierrez and Rep. Espaillat.
Keep Obamacare rally in Washington, D.C.
WSBTV reports Protests erupt at Georgia Tech following vigil for student killed by campus police
Law enforcement expert on Georgia Tech shooting: Officer had no other choice
RAW: Police car set on fire
Instagram video of a burning police car: "Things got a little too far."
Intense scenes from Georgia Tech there was a vigil tonight for a student shot and killed by campus police.
Georgia Tech alerts people to stay indoors because of violent protests a day after campus police fatally shot a student.
Hundreds gathered outside the St. Louis Justice Center in the rain on the fourth night of protests following the #JasonStockey verdict.
NAACP sues Trump for ending protections for Dreamers
Protesters: "Let us speak! Let us speak!"
St Louis police now confirm 100 arrests were made last night.
[email protected]_Faulk returns to newsroom applause after more than 12 hours in jail for doing his job. #STLVerdict
Rhode Island is going to pay for every DACA recipient's $495 renewal fee, @GovRaimondo announces.
Police chief: 'We’re in control, this is our city and we will protect it'
#STLverdict protests, police beating their batons on the ground with mass arrests underway
Lots of protesters arrested after police made several announcements calling it unlawful assembly. No tear gas used.
[email protected] companies on standby downtown #STLCity. #STLVerdict
Final warning given near Tucker/Washington and now handful people under arrest @KMOV
Countless people being arrested on Washington Avenue @ksdknews
"Final warning" say police, arrest on Wash Ave #stlprotest
Police: After giving multiple warnings to disperse, police are making numerous arrests. #stlverdict
Elevated views of marchers headed toward @SLMPD headquarters. #STLVerdict
Three of the businesses damages by vandals tonight. 9th and Olive. Witnesses say parts of concrete planters were used. @ksdknews
2 arrested after speeding car crashes into innocent motorist at 7th and Olive. Guns, drugs, mask found in vehicle